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Dear All,

Look Younger Live Longer

We introduce ourselves as a leading Naturopathy and Physiotherapy Trust.

We are practising naturopathy under banner of Reeya naturopathy trust (regd) & holding position of Director of Reeya Naturopathy Trust for last 14 years. We have been regularly interviewed by Zee TV for diet guidance.

We impart all types of in house Naturopathy i.e Nature cure treatment such as yoga, meditation, diet control,water treatment, mud therapy, panchkarma, Accupressure, accupuncture, neurotherapy, physiotherapy etc... We have experienced nurses(male/female) to handle the treatment efficiently with the able guidance of the Trustees of the Trust, well equipped with equipment/instruments that are required for the treatment.

We guide/demonstrate all nature cure detoxification treatment for all chronic & acute diseases like heart trouble, kidney related problems, BP, diabetes, arthritis, spondelytis, migrain, gynec problem, gas trouble, constipation, acidity, asthama, depression, obesity, Neurolical problem, paralysis, skin disease, eyes, headache, stomach disorders, cancers etc...

Facilities provided by us:

  1. We do admit pateint for nature cure
  2. We have 12 hrs help line facility

Besides this we render help in the following disciplines:
  1. To keep oneself totally fit in body and mind
  2. To widen the wings of imagination
  3. To experience yoga as a most powerful tool which can transform life
  4. To lead a joyful & powerful life
  5. To build a stable mind & confidence in the self
  6. To face the difficulties of the competitive world with powerful & cheerful energy
  7. Personality development with yoga ,meditation & satvik diet

We conduct awareness programmes such as pulse check up camps with yoga & guidance.These are arranged on various locations such as schools, colleges, housing societies & at other social organisations. We undertake home visit & treatments.

we are glad to arrange introductory camps on invitation to explain an answer various questions arising from the audience.

Best Regards
Dr. Pratima Sankhe